Su'Prim Denanche is a one-of-a-kind condiment locally produced on the island of Guam that offers a balance of spicy, coconuty, savory, yet satisfying taste. It contains eggplant, onions, garlic, hot pepper, & coconut milk.


Pairs great with BBQ, fried foods, soups, seafood etc.


Our Denanche goes through a jarring process which ensures quality, freshness, and a long shelf life. Does not require refrigeration only after opening.




We thrive on building lasting relationships within the community. We strive to produce  local sustainable foods while using practices that promotes a positive social impact that is based around a passion and craftsmanship.


We work with local family-owned farms and food co-ops to bring quality products directly to you!


Local artisans are available daily to ensure you are able to taste, experience and have a full understanding of how our best ingredients are sourced, packaged and cooked for you to enjoy.